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    What features would you like to see on the site, I am thinking of adding a tutorial section, where people can post different tutorials, and request tutorials. Is there any other suggestions?

  • Hey, I know this is an old post, but I for one would like the tutorials. My goal right now is to learn Ubuntu and while I’m sure this is very old news to most on board here. Sooner or later there will be someone else that would love the info and maybe someone else right now would like it too.

    Guess when the site went up a while back, never took advantage of it. I did not loo, but there might be a tutorial on line already that we could link to. Anyway, help get me going, if you have a few minutes now and then.


  • OK Guys
    forgive the anxiousness here : ) I did go on line, and found several tutorials. The Internet is flooded with this information. I thought about providing a link or two, but would be hard pressed to know which one’s were the most valuable.
    Thanks for your patience
    Bill : )

  • @KE9XQ Hi Bill,

    No problem. The best thing is to get started, try a few things and then let us know when you get stuck or if you have specific questions. Most of us in the LUG have a lot of experience with Ubuntu and can probably answer questions or point you in the right direction.

    What would you like to do with an Ubuntu installation? General use?

    Thanks Bill and talk with you more soon,

    – Matthew

  • Thanks Matthew
    I do not have too much of a goal. I’m learning DOS, and do want to learn the Command Line instructions as well in LINUX. I did buy Lotus Smart Suite and a few other programs years ago, and want to learn to ‘Hack them’ : ) No evil genius here in mind, I just want to see if I can find the key’s source and see a few HEX Dumps to try to figure things out. I asked permissions to do so years ago, and they sent me about a three page letter that I should not to touch that subject with a ten foot pole, unless I wanted to see there lawyers. : ) No, I don’t want to be a anarchist : ) I just want to play with material I already have, and maybe not have it SOOO far over my head. Also, getting down to business, I want to know what makes the computer, including Arduino and Raspberry PI tick, and be able to play with them in at least a fairly intelligent way. So, guess getting used to LINUX, especially UBUNTU right now, is probably one of the first things in my scheduling. Thanks Matthew, Bill

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    If your goal is to run DOS apps in linux, dosbox, dosemu and wine would be exelent places to start, They would not require hacking anything, So it should not violate any eula’s ( I am NOT a lawyer though, so it is still at your own risk )

    To install dosbox all you will need to do is

    sudo apt install dosbox

    Then run it, and when the console comes up if you have your lotus notes program in ~/lotus you should be able to just run ( If the main exe is lotus.exe )

    mount c ~/lotus

    ( This was done with just googling and reading, I do not have any dos apps to test it with, so it may not be accurate )

  • Thanks I should learn about DosBox and such, then I could have it all on one PC or laptop. Just dug out my two Ubuntu books yesterday and looking over the intro again. Yes, the Lotus smart sweet had been run on a laptop with a 40 GB drive, had Word and Wordperfect Excel and a game on it, and still had 10 GB left over. Wish I had that machine back again : ) I’m trying to remember if that was MB not GB : ) It was in 1994 I’m pretty sure. The company I worked for furnished the laptop… When they lost the next bid about 3 years later, they took the laptop with them, and the next company that took over the place, did not furnish me with a laptop… So, I went out and bought a cheap one and never had all those programs on the same computer again, all the programs SWELLED in size and were memory hungry.
    Thanks again

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