Lets Encrypt and Friends

  • Hey Tim (and everyone else)! Have you seen the letsencrypt.org project? It’s an SSL certificate authority and an umbrella for a bunch of utilities and infrastructure for doing encrypted web sites and email (and anything else that uses X.509 public key encryption (think SSH, PGP, GnuPG, openssl, etc., etc.).

    Tim, would you be willing to convert the lclug.org nodeBB site to use SSL only? Let me know if you’d like help setting it up.

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    I use let’s encrypt on many of my sites, it is on my todo list to get lclug https, if you wanted to tackle it though you are more than welcome to, if you get me your ssh public key I will get you authorized on the server

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    we are now https by default

  • Damn, I’m too slow! Thanks for doing that Tim! For future reference, my public SSH key is below (watch the line breaks…).

    Thanks again!


    ssh-rsa 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 dklann@fritz

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    i added a user for you, dklann authorized your key and there is a ~/tmppw file with what I set your password to ( For sudoing ) Feel free to change it when you get in

    Also just an fyi you will not be able to log in with a password, I have the server set up for ssh keys only