Binding OpenVPN to single interface

  • I’m trying to help a friend who’s running Fedora 27.

    This is going to get a bit complex so please bear with me.

    He has a plex server he uses for hosting movies and stuff for family, however he also uses this ‘server’ to connect via VPN to his office as a remote backup. However when the VPN connects, Plex drops off-line (Since ports and such aren’t open on office end).

    This system has 2 NIC (eno1: and (eno2: Right now EVERYTHING flows through eno1. I’d like to setup OpenVPN to ONLY bind to eno2, and have the backup software just bind to the IP address he gets from the VPN server (That part I know how to do).

    The above would all be fairly easy with route tables, I think. HOWEVER he also needs to occasionally do internet searches that go through the VPN for logging and accountability of what’s being searched. ON the software side I know how to lock a browser to a NIC, but I don’t know how to set up route tables so internet is accessible with both NIC but the 2nd only if specified.

    I’ve not seen anything exactly like this with extensive googling. Usually it’s just if I want to hit the lan or anything.

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