Future Meeting Topic Proposal

  • I’ve been messing lately with Hugo and Caddy.

    Hugo is a static website builder app. Caddy is a new web server app that uses HTTPS by default and has ties to Let’s Encrypt built right into it. Both are implemented using the Go programming language. Caddy includes a Hugo plugin that allows one to build and update elegant static websites easily. I built my consulting service website using the combination: https://broadcasttool.com/. I’d love to present the things I’ve learned about both Hugo and Caddy, and maybe learn from others about static websites.

    This definitely falls into the non-Linux category of topics, so I’m happy to drop the proposal unless there’s interest in hearing about it.

  • Hey David,

    If deemed too far removed from Linux, you could always talk about it at the laxdevtech weekly meet up?

    We have already had a presentation on gh-pages and Jekyll, so this topic would tie in nicely.

    Notes from that talk can be found here .

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