Meeting notes for August

  • Topics of Interest for Discussion

    • Encryption

      • LastPass is known to be the best secure password manager
      • - alternative message app
    • Weekend Tech Hangout at Coulee Tech Link

    • Encrypt individual files - recommendation from David Klann

    • Topic Ideas

      • Overview of Linux ecosystem - basics
      • Firefox - Isaac will be speaking about Firefox in September
        • What things are changing?
        • Extensions - addons
        • Firefox varients - what are they?
      • Shells - options beyond bash
        • Bash overview
        • scripting
        • how to use the shell for everyday things
        • command line network trouble-shooting
      • More cryptography stuff
        • security
        • crypto-currency

  • Here are the “big ideas” I have planned for my Firefox presentation:

    • Webextensions API system
    • Photon UI redesign
    • Servo/Project Quantum

    I plan to cover these pretty in-depth, but if anyone else has something Firefox-related they want to discuss, feel free to comment below.

    Here are some suggestions people brought up from tonight’s meeting:

    • overview of possible solutions for various needs
    • firefox varients
      • release channels
    • Market share
      • affected by changes?

  • Hey Isaac, this looks like a good list of subjects for your Firefox discussion. I’d also like to hear some comments on the recent uptick in Mozilla publicity for Firefox, and also if you know of any updates to Mozilla’s stance on Thunderbird (I know, getting a bit off topic…).


  • @dxklann I should be able to talk about those. Thanks for the suggestions!

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