• Just a note here seeing as I want to get started with the site, and learning more of Ubuntu and such. I have started learning a dozen times and life and big excuses get in my way. : ) Bought the Ubuntu book a longtime ago, and have a dual boot system, but never get around to practicing or reading the book : ) So, here I am going to try to start once again.

    Been to a couple meetings, and a great group I might add, but go into town 3 to 4 times a week already. I know I don’t live that far away, just another excuse. I live in St. Joe, about 10 miles East of La Crosse.

    I know several of you are into Arduino and Raspberry Pi, I have the kits, but don’t play with them either : ) Anyone have a match, and help get me off my chair : ) : ) : )


  • I may have some great resources for you, but I am waiting to get the permission to publish them directly on the open internet.

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