Introduce yourself!

  • I have been to a couple of meetings now, but still don’t know much about any of you! I’ll start!

    My name is Tage Bushman and currently, I am in my third semester at Western Technical College in the Computer Network Administration course. I moved to Wisconsin back in 2007 from Santa Rosa in Northern California.

    I have used Linux for quite some time (mostly Ubuntu) on servers to run websites and some online apps. Last semester, we had a Linux Administration class that opened my eyes to so much more in the Linux world than I had even thought of before and since have become an avid Linux fan. I went from using Webmin (a web administration dashboard) to do all of my domain configurations to installing all the services from scratch and manually configuring them through the terminal.

    I will say that I was hesitant to come to the monthly meetup because I thought everyone would be a Linux guru and I would feel extremely out of place, but it is a very welcoming and non-intimidating place! Thank you all for that!

    I look forward to continuing to learn more and more about Linux and hopefully work my way up to a presentation for the group at some point. I have found the discussions at the meetups extremely interesting and educational and am excited to see what I learn in the future.

  • Greetings Tage and Group
    My name is Bill Wood, I have WAY too many hobbies and interests to do much good in any of them. My main hobby is Amateur Radio, hence the call letters KE9XQ. I would bore you with the list, so will keep this short. Learnng is getting harder for me too, as I read a paragraph and an hour later might fail test on it : ) I’m not that old yet, 71, but still feel young enough to start another project. IF any of you guys want some salvaged parts from old TVs Radios and such for a project, I have a fairly large joungue box : ) I’m willing to share the goodies. I also have a hobby of saving OLDE radio programs and TV shows. 99% are in the public domain, so if you want so Fibber McGee and Molly or Gun Smoke and a horde of others titles, let me know I’ll share them VIA Wetransfer or give you a dvd or two : ) I have a 70 Chevy C10 that I’m looking for parts for AND a few pother things that help keep me busy. Look forward to getting to know more of you as tme goes on here. Cheers

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